We think when you have something worth shouting about the best thing to do stand on the nearest rooftop and let the whole world know. Okay, maybe not that far, but lets take a closer look at the next best thing, and it’s something nearly 1 in every 4 people worldwide are on.



A big trend nowadays across many social media users is the sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Those who tend to create and utilise that best are the ones who eventually garner a larger presence online. You’ve probably had a few FOMO moments in your life, remember how you felt when you were stuck in work whilst all your pals were out on the tiles having the time of their lives?¬†Yeah, not good is it?




We have such a vast amount of information passing by our eyes on a daily basis, more than any generation in human history. We are constantly connected to an ever-expanding world, but how do we cut through the crowd and end up getting in the faces of the right people?



Experimental Marketing is a term that gets thrown about a lot. It’s a strategy that directly engages consumers and invites and encourages people to participate in the evolution of your brand. Creating that fun, memorable experience allows people to feel closer to you as a business and allows them to feel more involved, much more than a traditional “hey look at this, you should totally buy this” ad campaign.

More importantly, keep things visual. As previously mentioned there is a lot of businesses and ideas on the internet all craving to be seen and heard. Sure people can be lazy in their reading habits, so capitalise on it. Keep things simple, give them something to look at it can be anything from photo strips to GIFs, just not a boring essay for them to read.





So what if your event or brand doesn’t immediately draw in thousands of people. Work with what you have and create something truly personal and unique. An unfortunate byproduct of todays digital age is a distinct lack of human interaction. Being able utilise the ability to restore that is an incredible tool that doesn’t get used often enough.

Nailing your target audience is key, break down the walls and get people excited again. You’re much more than just a product and if other people realise this, you’ll soon start to grow your wings. Let it happen naturally, don’t force it.

Another benefit of smaller, more unique events is the creation of a sense exclusivity. Having one of our fantastic Photo-Booths at your event, coupled with our social media sharing power encourages people to share their experiences, adding to that previously mentioned ‘FOMO’ factor. This, all tied in with our custom booth services creates a powerful brand experience like no other.



So to summarise, be as creative in your brand interaction as you are with your services. Push that consumer interaction and you will reap the rewards, plus making people feel like they’ve been left out is not always a bad thing, it can often work in your favour.