Inside Advice

We get it, having a Photo Booth is a luxury for some. So naturally you would want to get the most out of that entire experience, right? Sure. Well, read on whilst we share some of our top tips that will take your booth experience to the next level.



The Three C’s



Colour is a key in great shots, a wide spectrum of different shades can result in spectacular images for you to keep. Be as bright as your personality and throw in some different colours wether it’s from different props, signs, flags or just a colourful t-shirt, it all helps in the end!



Creativity is another important piece of the puzzle when it comes to great shot. The props are there for a reason! Let your inhibitions go, then get those creative juices flowing and see what incredible combinations you can come up with.

Pro tip, you’re never confined to one prop per body part i.e. we think that long black wig would go great with that police hat, just sayin’.



Lastly, be clever. This can sound a lot like the last option but as a whole you need really start to think outside the box if you want to win the (pretend) award for best photos on the night!

Co-ordinate with people sharing the moment with you, organise your prop changes and poses. Try your best to tell a story in those 4 strip prints.


Get GIF-fy!

With the digital age firmly upon us, we often discover fantastic new ways to share our experiences with our friends. GIFs are a great way to capture a moment of an evening, in a short, easy to download, mini ‘video’ of sorts. It allows your strip prints to come alive and allows people to gain a better feel of how a night / event panned out.


(C) – Chic-Booth



Not B.O. – which is something we personally can’t help anyone with; but more so bring your own! By this we mean, bring your own props. We won’t get offended, promise!

Got an inside joke between a few friends? Like to mock a famous celeb or your best mates questionable new hair do? Go and get stuck in to the pens and pencils a few days before and knock up some of your own props.

Not only does it add to the comedic value and that all-important story telling aspect, but it adds that personal touch which can never be replicated by anyone else; making your booth experience your own and only your own!





Ingenuity¬†is key in the photobooth game. We can supply you with all the tools, advice, props and specialist equipment you need in order to get great photos, but in order to get incredible, everlasting memories – well, that’s partly on you guys.

Embrace your quirky side, have a laugh with one another and more importantly express who you really are in front of the lens.


Nico is our resident Booth guru at Instabooth. Often out most nights with our booths ensuring YOU get the best Photo Booth experience in the UK