You’re Making Me Blush

Earlier on in April, we were invited along for a two day showcase of an exciting new beverage fresh out from renowned alco-pop brand WKD. Anyone who is obviously familiar with WKD’s products knows that they produce great tasting products which on the odd night out are often a little too easy to drink!

The next instalment to their range is no different here either; ‘WKD Blush’ is the first WKD variety to be given it’s very own flavour description (Passionfruit). Whilst mainly aimed towards women due to theĀ more feminine and sophisticated branding, us gents in the office did enjoy the few freebies we gained from our time spent with them.

First up we headed to Bristol, this time around we were attending the offices of wholesaler Matthew Clark. Everyone seemed to be taken back by a Photo Booth suddenly popping up where they would usually be having their tea and coffee. This soon passed however when they managed to chuck a couple of props on and see what it was all about, check out some of the snaps below:



Following on from the antics at Michael Clarke we headed up to the Coors office, based in our backyard, South Wales. Alongside us, we were joined by a masseuse and nail technician. Mainly for the female members of the Coors office to pamper themselves and enjoy their lunch break even more than usual! Mind you this didn’t stop a few of the fellas getting involved on the action. Don’t worry we won’t name names.

Take a look at what the guys at Coors got up to:



If you’re looking to promote your brand or even a new upcoming product, a Photo Booth is a fantastic way to engage with potential customers. Adding the fun of a booth helps introduce the feeling of a greater sense of ‘involvement’ in your brand, allowing people to connect with your ideas in more ways than ever.

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Nico is our resident Booth guru at Instabooth. Often out most nights with our booths ensuring YOU get the best Photo Booth experience in the UK.