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Small Yet Mighty

The Aerobooth features a sleek new ultra portable design. It also has full social media integration plus competition features and GIF functionality. Throw in some booth personalisation and you’ve got a Photo Booth experience like no other!

Make It Your Own

Express yourself! Whether its for business, marketing or even a wedding we can design an Aerobooth to suit any event. Whether it’s just a back panel design, custom interfaces or a full vinyl wrap, one of our team of designers will be with you every step of the way to ensure your Aerobooth looks nothing short of incredible.

Marketing Maestro

Throwing an event, product launch or any other business event? A custom branded Aerobooth is an excellent marketing tool. Having one of our fantastic booths at your event, coupled with our social media sharing power encourages people to share their experiences, adding to that ‘FOMO’ factor.

Studio Quality

With built-in high quality camera and stuido equipment, combined with numerous years of experience, the Aerobooth can create incredible, professional quality 6x4 images for that extra special keepsake.

Let’s Be Open

Another benefit the Aerobooth has over other set-ups is that it is totally open. Yep, no walls equals no cramped group shots. Fit the whole party in and let everyone get in on the action!


To use an old expression, good things do come in small packages. With a minute footprint when it comes to space, the Aerobooth is versatile enough to seamlessly fit into any venue or space.

With lightning quick set up and dissassembly, all we need is a plug socket and we’re good to go.